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How does the CFO service work? What can I expect?

Every client is different. That’s why we customize our CFO service based on the needs of your organization. If an organization wants an on-going CFO on a part-time basis, we work with them to determine their priorities by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. We attend management meetings and/or work from their site part-time to ensure we’re up-to-date on important decisions. We’ll bring recommendations and suggestions to owners’ attention routinely because you can’t make the best decisions for your company unless you know all the options. A CFO should feel like a team member, and that’s what we provide.

How do I know if I need a CFO or Controller?

We’ll discuss your situation and help you make that decision. It’s important for us to come to a consensus on what you’ll need to achieve your goals. Often a combination of our resources produces the best results.

How much direction will you need from me?

Discussion with business leaders is often all we need. We have years of experience in numerous industries so we’ll know what steps to take to improve your financial situation after a some discussion and review of your financial records.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the size and requirements of the organization we’re working with. But we’ll always shape our budget in accordance with your needs and your budget. We strive to provide you with financial experts and resources that are cheaper than full time employees. For our price, you get a team of individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience including CPA’s, payroll experts and software specialists.

Do you provide assistance with responding to government audits (GST, payroll, PST, etc.)

Yes, we frequently correspond with the CRA and Ministry of Finance on various audits and reviews of indirect taxes and payroll.

Which team member will I get?

We choose the most appropriate team member based on your needs, but we’re a team. We collaborate and use the breadth of our team’s financial experience to provide the best service possible.

What accounting systems do you use?

We’ve used numerous accounting systems over the years and have a lot of experience with both large and small platforms.

I’m not local to Regina. Does my location matter?

No, we can partner with any business in Canada. We can work remotely, or outside of Saskatchewan. Most of our work is in Regina but we have clients in rural Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, and other provinces. If you’re not Regina-based, we can recommend systems and processes that will allow us to efficiently share information.

Are you industry specific?

No, we work within a variety of industries including construction, hospitality, agriculture, and not-for-profits, to name a few.

Will you do my taxes?

We believe tax accounting is a specialty that should be left to specialists. Tax legislation is constantly changing and we want you to get the best advice possible. We help you get ready for your year end and are happy to liaison with your tax accountant, but the actual filing is left to them.

Will you do a review engagement or audit?

Our firm does not provide assurance work on your financial records. We assist in managing profits throughout the year and providing your accountant with a thorough year-end package for review.

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