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& Reporting
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Businesses are creating and collecting much more data than ever before, but many still try to analyze operations solely by looking through pages of dull reports or maintaining spreadsheet upon spreadsheet.
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Standard reports have their place for when you need to get into the details, but dashboards allow you to focus on specific and broad data that are displayed in visual measures. Dashboards have the ability to display trends that may be occurring, which is important for small and big organizations alike. Whether a trend is impacting your business negatively or positively, the faster it’s noticed, the better.
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Dashboards give business owners the ability to make key decisions based on collected business intelligence rather than a single report. They provide an up-to-date view of the bigger picture.


Quickbooks Dashboarding

Review visuals of your financial statements, customer profitability, and employee timesheets rather than sorting through pages and pages of static reports or outdated spreadsheets. We have quick deployable dashboards for both Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online to get you started. We find our clients get the greatest benefits from discussing pain points and areas they want to monitor that are specific to their organization.

Dashboard Development (Project Management, POS, or other)

Our customers work with a variety of systems such as Sales, Customer, and Project management, and so we have experience working with customers to focus on their KPI’s in these areas. We work to consolidate data from other systems with financial data to create one convenient source to review daily operations. - Project Management - Sales / POS System Dashboard - Time Tracking System - Inventory System - Connection with other Cloud Tools

Report Development/Writing

For the times that detailed reports are required for review, analysis and auditing, we are here to help our clients by creating and automating these reports. We have experience in utilizing several report building applications. Reports can be created many different ways and we have the capability to create custom reports programmatically, but also offer writing services for ReportsNow (DAS) Report, SQL Server Reporting Services, and Oracle BI Publisher if you utilize these in your organization.

get better visualization of your business Activities and financials: