Contract CFO Service

(Chief Financial Officer)

Small businesses usually can’t afford to employ professionals with years of financial expertise, yet it is what some businesses need the most to succeed.   We provide senior professionals on a part-time basis as a cost-effective way to provide financial expertise into your business. Our goal is to provide trusted financial and risk management support on a consistent basis, so we understand your situation when you need us most.

Although our number one deliverable is decision support for owners on a week to week basis, examples of how we assist are listed below:

  • Feedback from monthly financial monitoring and oversight

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Budgets and forecasts

  • Re-financing assistance or financing proposals

  • Business cases

  • Support for corporate share sales or business sales

  • KPI development

  • Management of foreign exchange and hedging

  • Automation projects such as e-commerce or ERP implementation


We support businesses that have in-house accounting resources. This service typically happens at your place of business with one of our expert CPAs that reviews and trains in-house bookkeepers.   We partner with these businesses to provide owners with confidence that their numbers are complete and accurate for decision-making, and that regulatory filings are compliant.  We help these businesses implement solid financial processes and internal controls. We are available to owners to ensure the numbers are understood and discuss how they impact the future.

  • Review in-house financial statements for accuracy

  • Train in-house accounting staff

  • Assess compliance of regulatory filings

  • Implement solid financial processes 


Looking at the financial statements from the past is interesting, but they need to be used as a tool to plan for the future.  We approach bookkeeping different than other firms.   We believe that accurate, high quality bookkeeping is the foundation of any successful business or enterprise.

Our two person account team includes experienced Accounting Assistants to prepare the information quickly and accurately, and a CPA to review and have actionable discussions with our clients.  Our CPAs work with owners on the financial process to utilize available technology such as on-line banking, POS systems, outsourced payroll services and apps to eliminate time, effort and costs for owners. 


Deliverables provided by our virtual back office include:

  • Payables

  • Receivables

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • GST / PST/ LCT filings and payments

  • Corporate tax installments

  • Year end filing preparation

Tel: (306) 775-0110

Email: info [at] cornerofficecfo.com

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 4:30pm

14-3710 Eastgate Dr, Regina, SK S4Z 1A5

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